Official Far Cry 5 Trailers and Release Date

"Souls do not harvest themselves." That's the call of the doomsday cult in Far Cry 5. Take up arms with residents of Hope County to overthrow Joseph Seed, the charismatic leader of The Project at Eden's Gate. Five new trailers have released, detailing the game, different members of the resistance, and the release date.

Official Far Cry 5 Trailers and Release Date
After arriving in the picturesque Hope County, Montana, the once serene landscape turns into a warzone. Joeseph Seed and The Heralds, leader and members of the doomsday cult, The Project at Eden's Gate, violently overtake the town, converting and killing anyone in their path. It'll be up to you and other residents to push back against the fanatical leader and his crazed followers.

With our first look at Far Cry 5's gameplay and characters, Ubisoft has provided a game page with new info about the title. In short, what you can expect from the fifth mainline title in the Far Cry  series is pretty much about what you could find in the past two entries. There's a charismatic villain who gets the box art seat. You'll conduct yourself in guerrilla warfare, dealing with dangers of both the human and natural variety. At least two factions exist, the cult itself and the resistance movement, but no word yet on whether or not you can really pick one over the other (though it's highly likely the resistance is where you'll start).

You will be able to hire help, known as "guns for hire," and even employ the help of animals, known as "fangs for hire." In addition to the announce trailer, Ubisoft also provided three character trailers (shown below) for members of the resistance.

Far Cry 5 is being developed by Ubisoft Montreal and is available for pre-order, including four different versions with varying degrees of DLC included, in preparation of its February 22nd, 2018 release date.

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