October Xbox Update Arrives With a Shiny, 4K Dashboard, Night Mode Features and More

The October Xbox update arrives with the brand new 4K dashboard, Night Mode and Quick Settings to make your experience with the consoles even easier, both on the eyes and with your time. This is a breakdown of the main features of the update across the Xbox family and how you can access them all starting today.

October Xbox Update Arrives With A Shiny, 4K Dashboard, Night Mode Features and More Cover

Xbox’s October Update arrives today! Introducing a shiny new 4K dashboard for Series X users, brand new Night Mode for the night owl gamers and a few more significant additions. While the 4K dashboard will only appear on the Series X, there are features within this update that target the whole Xbox family.

4K Dashboard [Series X]

A long-awaited feature finally makes its debut. After installing the October Xbox Update, you should see a significant change to the dashboard and the general UI on your console. With this change, you’ll be navigating a native 4K display. It will no doubt make the overall experience of the Series X that little bit more satisfying.

Night Mode

Introducing an addition that will make it a little easier on the eyes come nightfall. Night Mode in the Xbox October update aims to not only support those who are sensitive to light but to give you control over how your games are displayed at specific times. From the screen’s brightness to the power buttons on the controller or console themselves, you can now adjust the lights to better personalise your experience. 

Series X/S users will have access to the Blue Light Filter settings which you can modify as you see fit. If you do game quite late, then take a look into the benefits of changing this setting. It just might help you sleep easier.

New Xbox night mode feature

These features do not affect your captures nor performance, so find the right lighting for you and enjoy it seamlessly. All of this can be found in: Settings → Accessibility → Night Mode OR Settings → TV & Display Options → Night Mode.

Quick Settings

Added to the Xbox Guide is Quick Settings. This addition allows you to dive into your accessibility features and change them without having to completely leave any game or application that you’re using. This also better benefits families who use a single Xbox depending on different members’ individual accessibility needs. With Quick Settings, users can quickly switch certain options on and off with ease, catering to personal preferences.

What do you think of the October update? Do any of the exclusive features persuade you to grab one of the next-gen Xbox consoles? Check out this breakdown of the consoles to help you decide which one you might want to grab.

(New Xbox night mode feature video by Tom Warren.)

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