Obsidian Entertainment Announces The Outer Worlds

From the original creators of Fallout games and the development team behind Fallout: New Vegas, comes a new game, The Outer Worlds. Announced at the Game Awards 2018. Welcome to the future. Try not to break it.

Obsidian Entertainment Announces The Outer Worlds
As Bethesda take the Fallout series in a direction a lot of the fans don't want it to go, the orignal creators of the series have something to say in return. In what may have been the highlight for many viewers of The Video Game Awards, Obsidian Entertainment reveal their brand new IP. The Outer Worlds and with the trailer they showed off, they instantly let us know exactly what type of game it would be. A space western filled with humour and choices.

The Outer Worlds – Official Announcement Trailer

Here's what we know so far about The Outer Worlds: 

There will be a character creator even though the game will be played in first person, and the player character won't have a voice. You will still be able to see your character in menus and if you leave the game idle for too long. The desicion to leave the player character voiceless was made to "leave room for the developers to spend their time and treasure crafting a complex narrative adventure." according to co-creator Leonard Boyarsky in an interview with Polygon.

In that same interview it was also said by Boyarsky that you can play however you want from the get-go. The Outer Worlds will be a character driven game where the world reacts to you. Giving you the freewill you need to either be the hero or the villain or something in-between through different dialogue options.

Play far enough into The Outer Worlds and soon enough you will be given your very own starship and crew, and just like your companions in the newer Fallout games, these new companions will have opinions on both your actions and what is going on in the world.

Obsidian Entertainment Announces The Outer Worlds - It Looks Outer This World
The main focus seems to be on you, the player, role-playing whatever type of character you choose to play. As stated by Boyarski “We really wanted to focus on you role-playing your character,” Boyarsky said, “developing the unique personalities of your companions as fully fleshed out people.” Though with this said, there will not be the option to become romantically involved with any of your crewmates or companions.

The Outer Worlds will release in 2019 for XBox One, Steam and PS4 and is developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Private Division. Who are a new label under Take Two Interactive Software.

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