NVIDIA’s Volta makes gaming “real”

Any gamer knows about NVIDIA. Even if they don’t play on PC, the name is widely known. Yesterday they gave us a reminder as to why, when they unveiled their newest GPU, the Volta.

NVIDIA's Volta makes gaming “real” 
NVIDIA has been on the top for over 10 years. However recently other companies have started catching up. Coming to the point where the difference between them varies very slightly. But NVIDIA reminded us all who is on top with their ground-breaking new GPU.

During the GPU technology Conference 2017 Event, NVIDIA showed off the Volta with a demo of what it could do. The demo consisted of real time rendering of Final Fantasy XV’s Character Nyx Ulric from Squire Enix’s Full length feature movie. NIVIDA says the demo pulls the character, Nyx, directly out of the film in full detail.

Now realistically its been impossible to get this type of quality without sacrificing some type of performance. However, with Volta's improved NVLink, which will allow more advanced scaling to achieve highest performance and quality. Not to mention with over 21 billion transistors the Volta is the most powerful GPU the world has seen.

But for those of you who don’t own or play on PC what does this mean for you? Well potentially this could mean PC quality gaming on consoles. Currently Xbox and PlayStation are Using AMD for their lower price and ability to compensate. However, with the Nintendo Switch currently having NVIDIA powering the console, many rumors have rising about the future with AMD and console gaming. Nonetheless, the future for NVIDIA and gamers is looking bright and interesting.

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