Numskull announce official PS4 VR Headstand!

Is your PSVR headset cluttering up your desk? Worried about the inevitable spill of Mountain Dew on your fancy new gear? Worry no longer, Numskull have announced a brand new official PS4 VR Headstand, offering a sleek and attractive mount to safely store your PSVR headset on!

Numskull announce official PS4 VR Headstand!
The Playstation VR Headset is an expensive piece of kit, that can run you on average the wallet-cramping price of £349.99, so you'd undoubtedly want to take care of such an expensive piece of gear.

Well fear no more! Numskull Designs have announced an official Playstation VR Headstand which will give you a place to store your VR Headset without fear of crumbs, spillage, or rage-enduced throwing. This attractive headstand is made from premium quality Obsidian, with a heavy chrome finish base to ensure that your headstand won't topple over, taking your lovely piece of gear with it. The headstand also comes engraved with logos and and adjustable height mechanism to make sure your headset sits at the perfect height for you when not in use. Not only that, but the headset comes with cable straps so that not only the headset itself is safe, but the wires are safely tucked away from any potential damage. Take it from someone who has ran over wires with his chair many times, this feature is invaluable.

The product was already a big hit with gamers and completely sold out over the Christmas period. The stock has now become freely available to purchase again through many retailers. Our recommendation is purchasing the headstand on Amazon for the princely sum of £34.97, quite a small price to pay for the safety and style of a £350 headset.

Official PlayStation VR Headset Stand

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    Cool, if I had a PSVR I would probably buy one but VR doesn’t seem worth it yet in my opinion.


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