No Mans Sky TRADE Video Drops

No Mans Sky is a giant Universe Explorer game, where you can craft, upgrade and sell various resources. Not to mention the fact that this game has 18 QUINTILIAN planets, each fit with different biomes like jungle, desert and arctic. And here's the latest trailer.

The Planet New Eridin from No Mans Sky

No mans sky releases a new teaser

Recently, No Mans Sky has been releasing ‘Pillar Videos’ to show off the most important features of the game, as it is soon to come out in early August. The third of these videos ‘TRADE’ has been revealed to us in all of its glory just yesterday, boasting more of its large universe to us lowly earth dwellers.

So What's in the Trailer?

In the trailer, we see that players can find rare items, some even being able to upgrade our equipment. It also appears that customizing your ship for a set purpose such as gathering is possible, with beams and photon blasts for all your mining needs. Once you’ve blown up some innocent rocks, you can sell their goodies to what looks like the Deathstar, or use them to add armor to your ship, you can even increase the power of your weaponry. The video also shows us a brief shot of the player finding what looks like a piece of ship wreckage, with some ancient technology which can also be used to enhance your equipment.

You can check out the video below and also view the other two ‘Pillar Videos’ EXPLORE and FIGHT. On the other hand you can just wait until No Mans Sky is released on the 9th August in North America and the 10th August in Europe.

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