No Mans Sky SURVIVE Video lands into Orbit

No Mans Sky has released three videos prior to this showing off the games key aspect. This is the last of these 'Pillar' Videos and shows us the harsh environments we will be exploring in the upcoming Universe- sized indie.

No Mans Sky amazes us once more by showing us the grueling environments we will face when we get our hands on it. If you haven’t seen the previous three teasers i highly recommend them, they are based on the core focuses of the game, them being EXPLORE, FIGHT and TRADE. If you wish to see my thoughts on the TRADE video, (because why wouldn’t you?) you can check that out here. Now let’s get to the good stuff…

Sentinal bots fire nearby the Players ship in No Mans Sky

So, Here's What's in the Trailer

This most recent display reveals a large supply of environmental stimuli, which is promising to say the least. One big worry with our ol’ boy here was that he wouldn’t be able to supply us with enough variation, but it looks like quality AND quantity are in his diet. The teaser largely consists of brief looks at the different effects that can ail the player, these include but are most likely not limited to; radiation, toxicity and extreme fluctuations in temperature. But fear not for i have created a secret technique to look at all of this in more detail.. PAUSING THE VIDEO. We see a planet rife with fungi and other poisonous plant-life, and what looks like a desolate wasteland with high amounts of radiation. This also gave us a look at what seems to be a new ship design, which gives off a lot of Star Wars Vibes. Protection is going to be important it seems as we see the player doing their utmost to upgrade their mask and equip it. One thing that did bother me is that the hit-box for the enemy sentinel seemed off a little, as a blast appeared to be hitting it when they weren’t actually, well hitting it.

That aside, from what we’ve seen I’m really glad No Mans Sky was pushed back a month, since then we have seen copious amounts of variety and lots of more detail. It’s nice to see Hello Games used their time wisely unlike another game we have seen *cough*mightynumbernine*cough*. No Mans Sky will release on the 9th August in North America and the 10th August in Europe. I implore you to buy it.

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