No Man’s Sky Is Heading To Xbox Game Pass

Via an Xbox Wire blog post, No Man's Sky is heading to Xbox Game Pass in June. The Microsoft Store is getting a Windows 10 PC version of No Man’s Sky as well. No Man's Sky launched on PC and PS4 in 2016. It would later release on Xbox One in 2018.

No Man's Sky Is Heading To Xbox Game Pass

No Man’s Sky is the latest addition to the highly successful Xbox Game Pass. 

Via an Xbox Wire post written by Hello Games founder Sean Murray, the game will be available on Xbox Game Pass in June. It was also announced that a Windows 10 PC version of No Man’s Sky would be available on the Microsoft Store. 

No Man’s Sky initially launched in 2016 for PS4 and PC to a horrendous reception. It was a game that seemed to be dead on arrival. However, Hello Games made substantial improvements and added major content updates over the next few years. The game released on Xbox One in 2018, and shortly after that, Hello Games put out another huge update called Next. This DLC was most notable for adding multiplayer and other enhancements to base-building and graphics. Hello Games would continue to add to No Man’s Sky with its Beyond, Living Ship, and Exo-Mech updates in 2019 and 2020.

The official Xbox Game Pass Twitter account actually teased this news on Monday, tweeting out:

As you would expect, this led to some crazy speculation around the internet. Some fans thought this title would be Minecraft Dungeons, which was already announced and is on Xbox Game Pass right now. Others went a little more out there, speculating that maybe the Remedy action-adventure Control could be the next addition to Game Pass.  

Regardless, if you are someone who is a member of Xbox Game Pass and have been wondering if No Man’s Sky was worth playing in 2020, you won’t have to wait too much longer until you can figure it out for yourself.

No Man's Sky BEYOND Launch Trailer

What are your thoughts on No Man’s Sky going to Xbox Game Pass? Do you think the game has drastically improved? What is the best comeback story in gaming? Let us know in the comments below!

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