No Man’s Sky gets a big update on PS4

The controversial open world exploration game received a new patch on PlayStation 4 today, costing users 733 MB of extra space for the sake of "more bug fixes." Users online, however, have found more improvements to the game than just that, including quicker saves, better graphics, and improved day/night cycles.

No Man's Sky gets a big update on PS4
No Man's Sky
version 1.09 has been released for PlayStation 4 today, weighing in at a hefty 733 MB.

With patch notes simply detailing "more bug fixes", a bevy of new improvements have been found by users online, including:

  • the removal of the stacking items exploit
  • slightly improved graphics and sounds
  • quicker saves
  • the removal of being able to hold down the square or triangle buttons while uploading multiple discoveries
  • improved commonality of large creatures
  • the ability to flee a battle with space pirates
  • faster save reloads
  • the fixing of day/night cycles

For an actively updating list of all new updates added with today's patch, visit the No Man's Sky subreddit.

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