Hello Games is Working on Another Huge Game

The developer behind No Man's Sky, Hello Games, is reportedly working on another similar-sized game. But to avoid the disappointment that came out of No Man's Sky's launch, the development studio is keeping most details quiet for the time being.

hello games no mans skyAs one of the biggest let-downs in gaming history, No Man’s Sky was marketed as a gorgeous, open-world space adventure, in which the player is tasked with exploring the universe, building up their resources, and surviving attacks from hostile creatures. But at launch, it disappointed the gamers that were looking forward to it by not living up to the hype it had created. Despite this, No Man’s Sky‘s developer Hello Games has made massive improvements, such as implementing multiplayer components and space fleet management. 

And now, Hello Games has announced that it’s working on a brand-new title, meant to be as “huge” as No Man’s Sky, but will learn from the mistakes that the space adventure game made upon launch. Because of this, co-founder Sean Murray revealed in an interview with Polygon that they are planning on keeping details of the upcoming game under wraps, so as not to over-hype the game the way they did with No Man’s Sky. 

All we currently know about the game is that it will be a similar-sized project. But as Murray says, once the developer is ready, more details and content will be unveiled. 

The Last Campfire - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

For now, Hello Games’ newest title, The Last Campfire released just last month. The player assumes the role of the adorable Ember and must solve puzzles and unlock new areas. While the development studio is made up of 26 people, only three of them split off to create The Last Campfire. 

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