No Man’s Sky Delayed Three Days on PC

Sean Murray has officially confirmed that No Man's Sky will release on PC three days after PS4. While Steam displayed it would unlock on the 9th of August, it now shows August 12th.

No Man's Sky has been delayed three more days on PC!
For those of you that are highly anticipating No Man's Sky (who play on the PC), there's some bad news. Sean Murray, the main programmer of No Man's Sky and founder of Hello Games, has confirmed that No Man's Sky has been delayed until the 12th of August on the PC version. This is due to the fact that, as his tweet states, "they're working extremely hard on the PC version of No Man's Sky," which is a great thing to hear, as many people who are anticipating No Man's Sky are going to be playing it on the PC. Good news for anyone with a PS4 who've already pre-ordered it, as the PS4 version will remain to be released on its regular date, the 9th of August.

One of the main reasons for No Man's Sky being delayed is the fact that they're adding support for 21:9 monitors, which is fantastic news for anyone using an ultrawide monitor. I'm personally using a 16:9 monitor, so this doesn't really affect me.

No Man's Sky releases on the 9th for PS4 and the 12th for PC. Are you ready?!
You can check the tweet below. 

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