No Mans Sky ‘completed’ in 25-30 hours

So if you don't know a Reddit user by the name of Daymeeuhn bought a leaked copy of No Mans Sky off of eBay for nearly $2000! He has recently reported that to get to the centre of the galaxy and 'complete' the game; it took him around 25-30 hours, however, he did rush.

No Mans Sky 'completed' in 25-30 hours
Daymeeuhn the Reddit user has posted on his page some of his major points about the game. I personally have only skimmed over this to get a general feel of what his thread is about, as I personally do not want the game to be spoiled for me. Luckily for Sean Murray (who has asked it not to be spoilt) Daymeeuhn has kept quiet about any major spoilers and just diverged detail aspects of doing with the gameplay and resource management. One major problem is that at this time there are many bugs within the massive universe explorer, but is anyone one really surprised? I have read some of the bugs, and they do seem rather bothersome; this can be seen as a good thing, as it will give Hello Games a chance to tweak and fix any massive glitches.

If you don't already know this Sean Murray of Hello Games has stated before that in order to 'finish' No Mans Sky, one must reach the center of the galaxy they are in, succeeding in this will subsequently reveal some big secret to the player. According to him, this could take from 40-100 hours depending on your play-style, so 30 hours is pretty close considering our friendly neighborhood Reddit user did speed through it. Hopefully, we'll get a day one patch for No Mans Sky, but with it only nine days away it's unlikely that this will be the case. Regardless of the controversy, I feel that No Mans Sky will still bring hours of entertainment and in respect for people who have waited for a long time I have decided not to disclose any spoilery information within this article, for both of our sakes. Any questions we have will be answered on the 9th August in North America, and the 10th August in Europe. Other Days wait for me, unfortunately.   

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