No Man’s Sky – another old and new information

No Man's Sky - another old and new information from PlayStationLifeStyle.

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There is not a lot of new information about the game so new thoughts are being written and information recycled. We cannot say that the article at PlayStationLifeStyle is bad or inappropriate. But it's new so worth of reading if you want to bite some new pieces of this juicy game in development.

Read more here.

However if you want to learn more about what you will be able to do in the game then there is a better source to visit. Go at Eurogamer site. Dan Silver was granted an audience with both the game and its creator to ask them several questions.

"There's all those things in a core loop. Most of them give you money – which we call Units – and you can use that money to upgrade your ship. And you need to do that to be able to travel further. As you get closer to the centre of the galaxy you will find it is more dangerous – just like in any game – and you will find that the best ships are only available towards the centre of the galaxy."

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