No Friends Allowed in Super Mario Maker 2’s Online Modes

Super Mario Maker 2 will release in less than a month, and has had some hype surrounding it with a recent Direct showcasing its features. Unfortunately for Nintendo, a Treehouse rep has since stated that online modes will allow no friends for matches, only strangers. Will this doom the upcoming release of the game?
No Friends Allowed in Super Mario Maker 2's Online Modes

No Friends Allowed in Super Mario Maker 2’s Online Modes

Fans of Nintendo’s Super Mario Maker might be disappointed to learn that its sequel has a “no friends allowed” clause for its online modes.

Based on a report from NintendoWorldReport, a Nintendo Treehouse representative stated at a press event that players will only be able to play with strangers online. The reasoning for this is that Nintendo is concerned that the global leaderboards would be compromised should players be able to play with friends, which leads to unfair score benefits. Multiplayer can still be done in local wireless play, nevertheless.

What seems to sting is for those who have friends across a single country, or perhaps outside of it. The feedback from this news via other publications has already set the internet ablaze with conversation. While some defend the reasoning behind Nintendo’s decision, others have outright stated that they’d no longer buy it.

Nintendo has had some troubles incorporating intuitive online features in the past, including the previous Super Mario Maker‘s convoluted stage search system. This decision marks the latest setback from a company struggling to find the perfect balance of inclusion and fairness to all. One can only hope that a post-launch patch will bring friends back to Super Mario Maker 2.



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