Nintendo’s Tetris 99-Ring Fit Adventure Event is now Live

Do you like Tetris? Do you like free games? Do you like free digital goodies WITH those free games? Well Nintendo's now launched its limited-timed event for the Tetris 99, the free-to-download battle royale Tetris exclusive on Switch, which is themed around Ring Fit Adventure.

Nintendo's Tetris 99-Ring Fit Adventure Event is now Live

If destroying competitors across the world through a 99-person game of Tetris wasn’t enough for you, now you’ve got an additional incentive to play Tetris 99 with this online crossover event with Ring Fit Adventure. The big prize for the event is a special Ring Fit Adventure theme that’s yours to proudly display when playing Tetris 99 from here on.

Nintendo's Tetris 99-Ring Fit Adventure Event is now Live

Event Points Table

The event is nice and simple. All you have to do is keep playing. Each round earns you points, of which you’re awarded more the higher you place at the end.  As soon as you earn 100 points, then the theme can be yours. Hooray! The event is running until 28/4 at 7:59am in the UK and 27/4 at 11:59am Pacific Time, so be sure to load up your digital copy of Tetris 99 for a few rounds (or 20) over the next couple of days.

TETRIS® 99 Grand Prix 12 (Nintendo Switch)

Tetris 99 is available on the Nintendo E-Shop (UK and US) for absoutely free. Out of all of the battle royale games out there, which is way too many, the Tetris equivalent is undoubetly the best for taking one of the gaming classics, and turning it into a mutliplayer battle of quick-wits and cunning. Now go and flex your brain muscles!


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