Nintendo’s First Portable Console Gets A Remake

Nintendo is set to release a remake of the Game & Watch, its first ever portable gaming system. This gaming system will come with a few tweaks to help it fit into the contemporary gaming scene and will feature the original Super Mario Bros. game. It will be released in November.

Nintendo's First Portable Console Gets A Remake While Sony and Microsoft have competed for market share within the game console industry, Nintendo has enjoyed relatively undisturbed dominance in the realm of portable gaming. Since its release in 2017, the Nintendo Switch has sold over 61 million units. This year, Nintendo has decided to gift long-time fans with a retro treat by remaking their first portable console, the Game & Watch.

The Game & Watch series of handhelds were first released in the eighties and, as the name might suggest, could also double as a watch. While it may not be as recognizable to most gamers as the Switch or the PlayStation Portable, it paved the way for other iconic gaming devices by Nintendo such as the Gameboy.

The Game & Watch lets you game and use it as a watch.

The Game & Watch lets you game and use it as a watch.

Nintendo’s remake of the Game & Watch has plenty to offer for fans of the Super Mario franchise. The Game & Watch remake will come with the original Super Mario Bros. as well as a special Game & Watch: Ball game.

Amusingly, the Game & Watch has not lost its “watch” function and will still include a digital clock. According to Nintendo, when the digital clock is used, one of 35 animations may play, some of them involving Mario and his pals.

There are of course a few modern additions to the device. For instance, a USB Cable type C-A will come included which will making charging a bit more convenient for modern gamers.  

The Game & Watch is set to be released on the 13th of November. For fans of retro gaming, the Nintendo Game & Watch remake will be a nifty addition to their collection.

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