Nintendo Wii U Gets System Update After Years of Stagnation

Thought to be dead after reaching the end of its life cycle, the Nintendo Wii U is, once again, getting an update. But is this a necessary polish or improvement to a console already forgotten by many? Split between two groups, the reception appears divided.

Nintendo Wii U Gets System Update After Few Years of Stagnation

Nintendo’s now officially dead console, the Wii U, has just received its latest system update, leaving a mixed impression to the gaming community.

In a move that nobody saw coming, the predecessor to the Switch is getting another polish in the form of a software update. The update, version 5.5.5., brings with it some changes, stated as “improvements to system stability and usability”.

Prior to the silent rollout of the update, the Wii U’s previous update goes back September 3rd, 2018. Looking further in retrospect, changelogs in the prior four modifications share the same typical alteration as latest update’s, in essence. That of “system stability,” which has been a catchphrase for fixing existing exploits that make hacking more difficult in the modding scene.  

The Nintendo Wii U officially met the end of its life cycle on March 3rd, 2017 when it got its final first-party title, Breath of the Wild. It gradually went into a state of dormancy following little to no releases of titles as well as system updates.

Nintendo’s subtle approach in publicly releasing the update may still be significant to Wii U owners who still cling to their machine. But probably not to others who have already moved on and are enjoying the offerings of more modern hardware.

Nintendo Wii U Trailer (E3 2011)

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