Nintendo to Shut Down Dragalia Lost, Announces “Conclusion” to Main Campaign

Nintendo’s mobile swipe-controlled ARPG, Dragalia Lost, will reach its story's conclusion in July 2022, and its end-of-service "at a later date." The game is Nintendo’s first original IP on mobile, and used to be its second highest grossing mobile title.

Nintendo has announced that its original mobile game Dragalia Lost will shut down later this year. The game’s main campaign is scheduled to conclude with the second part of its 26th chapter, due to come out on July 2022. Nintendo announced that after the story reaches its close, the game itself will reach end-of-service “at a later date.”

Additional details about the final addition to Dragalia Lost’s story will be released on March 31, 2022, after which the game will no longer receive new content or updates except for its main campaign and some select quests.

Dragalia Lost is a mobile, swipe-controlled action RPG available on iOS and Android. It operates on a typical freemium model where the game is free to download with optional in-app purchases.

Launched in September 2018, Dragalia Lost was co-developed by Nintendo with Cygames and is the gaming giant’s first original IP mobile game. Around a month after launch, the game set a record by becoming the title with highest consumer spend per download for Nintendo, with an average consumer spend of $18 per install across the publisher’s largest markets: Japan and the US. On September 26, 2018, Dragalia Lost already grossed $28 million for the company.

In comparison, Nintendo’s most successful mobile game, Fire Emblem: Heroes, grossed $48.2 million within the same time frame, but with an average spend per install of only $6. Come July 2019, Dragalia Lost became Nintendo’s second highest grossing mobile game, earning $100 million in 11 territories. Since then, however, the game’s revenues have not enjoyed the same level of growth, being outshined by titles like Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp several times.

Dragalia Lost is the latest mobile game from Nintendo to reach its end-of-service after Dr. Mario World closed down in July 2021, closing the curtains on two years of activity.

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