Nintendo To Release A Brand New IP On Mobile Devices

A brand new title is on the way from Nintendo and Cygames. The game will be called Dragalia Lost, an action-RPG exclusive for mobile devices. While there is still very little information regarding the game, a trailer has been released.

Nintendo To Release A Brand New IP On Mobile Devices
It's not the 1st time that Nintendo have experimented with the mobile platforms when it comes to gaming (Super Mario Run, Pokemon Go and Fire Emblem Heroes being prime examples). But, never have they been bold enough to develop a game exclusive for such platform… or any other platform I might add.

So, it came as quite a shock when I found out that they were indeed making a brand new IP exclusive for mobile devices. This new IP goes by the name of Dragalia Lost, an action RPG, co-developed by Nintendo and Cygames with the aim of bringing to life the shared vision of a new gaming experience with worldwide appeal. The game will be released in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau this summer. While there is no official release date for Europe and the US, we can expect an announcement at a later date. You can check out the 1st trailer of Dragalia Lost below:

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