Nintendo To Debut Online Service For Switch In September

Nintendo will be joining the ranks of it's competitors soon with their own online subscription service. The service has multiple features for players of all types. It's set to debut this September for all Nintendo Switch owners.

Nintendo Switch Owners To Receive New Paid Subscription Based Online Service Soon!
Nintendo has been waiting a while before debuting their own paid online subscription service for their hallmark console the Nintedo Switch. This has given them quite the boost in sales in comparison to their competitors as online play has been free up to this point. Things may change however come September when their new service rolls out.

The aptly named Nintendo Switch Online the service will allow players to play online mutliplayer games with their friends. The service will only cost $3.99 per month but there are mutliple pricing plans for those interested. There are 3 types of individual membership priced at 3.99/1 month, 7.99/3 months and finally 19.99 for 1 year. There is also a family subscription price for 1 year at 34.99 and the owner of the console may have up to 7 family members utilize the entire Nintendo Switch Online service.

Features of this service include the long-awaited ability to backup save data to the cloud. This will allow players to upload to the cloud which will help in the case of needed console repair or possible lost data from memory cards. This has been a feature many players have been clamoring for aince the launch of the console.

There will also be another feature known as Nintendo Entertainment System. This feature will allow members to play any number of 20 different NES classic games complete with online features. Nintendo has said this list will grow more regularly.

There will also be the release of a Nintendo Switch Online app that will allow players to enjoy enhanced features for ertain titles like Splatoon 2 or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. More info on this service will be provided soon possibly as early as this year's E3 event.

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