Nintendo Switch Pro Release as Early as September

Nintendo Switch dominates the year 2021 so far. Gamers could see Switch Pro released as early as September, ahead of E3, despite the semiconductor shortage across the globe. Nintendo's answer to the next generation of consoles is on its way!

Nintendo Switch Pro Release as Early as September Cover

Our family-friendly console giant has garnered some much-earned respect this year and now sources reveal evidence of the Switch Pro release. The Switch has dominated sales this year so far, both in units and dollars, as well as reigning top in the month of April.

Unsurprisingly following this success, Nintendo intends to put the Switch Pro into production in July and potentially roll them out as early as September or October.

Mat Piscatella, a video game industry advisor for NPD (a Retail Tracking Service), in the same thread, displaying that eight of the top 20 physical video games on dollar sales are Nintendo’s. New Pokémon Snap at number three!

The Switch Pro could be the answer Nintendo needs to compete with Sony and Microsoft’s latest machines, especially during the global shortage for semiconductors. Bloomberg Intelligence, Matthew Kanterman, says, “Both Sony and Microsoft have had success with mid-cycle upgrades as a means to drive growth from live services and, as this becomes a greater driver for Nintendo, not fragmenting the user base across different platforms would be advantageous.” 

Reports do suggest, however, due to struggles with the supply of components, this upgrade will probably be more expensive than the current Switch’s $299. 

Are you excited about a Switch Pro release? Do you agree that Nintendo should focus on its live service? Let us know if you will plan to make a purchase in the comments down below!

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