Nintendo Switch System Update 11.0.0 Brings Easier Screenshot Sharing, Other Improvements

The Nintendo Switch received a system update recently, bringing with it the ability to easily save screenshots to your devices, automatic cloud save data downloads and other improvements. Read on for the full list of goodies available on version 11.0.0.

Nintendo Switch System Update 11.0.0 Brings Easier Screenshot Sharing, Other Improvements

Nintendo released the 11.0.0 update for the Switch on December 1st, and fans – particularly those in the media – rejoiced to find that they could now transfer screenshots and videos more easily from the console to other devices.

Users now have the option of either plugging the console directly into their computer via USB or using QR codes to transfer files to a smart device. Until now, many Switch users found that the only way to transfer images from the console was either by uploading them to Twitter, downloading them from there and then deleting the Tweets in question, or by using a microSD card reader if they had one – hardly a simple or efficient solution.

While the new file transfer methods are arguably the most dazzling update this patch provides, other improvements have been included as well. A new Nintendo Switch Online icon has been added to the home screen for easy access to your subscription details and other information, and the option to automatically download save data from the cloud when playing the game on a different or new console means that you can easily sync your game progress across multiple devices.

Alongside all that, users can now shuffle the order of their downloads, allowing them to specify which software they would like prioritised if they have multiple downloads running, and can check out a new ‘Trending with Friends‘ feature on their user profile to see what games their friends have been playing recently.

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