Nintendo Switch sales are soaring worldwide

The Nintendo Switch has shipped an impressive two million units for September in the US alone. Worldwide sales are estimated to be approaching the six million mark. Projections for the Switch’s end of fiscal year sales reach just over ten million units.

Nintendo Switch sales are soaring worldwide
Nintendo’s newest console outsold both the Xbox One and PS4 last month. It’s secured itself as the best selling console for five of the last seven months.

In its first two years the Switch’s predecessor, the Wii U, managed just under six million sold units. It’s clear then that the Switch is looking to be a far more prosperous platform over its lifespan. Perhaps most fascinatingly, the Switch’s sales so far compare more to that of the Wii which went on to sell over 100 million units, making it the third best selling home console of all time and Nintendo’s most successful.

Nintendo managed to dominate the month as a whole thanks to both the 3DS’s continued thriving sales and the launch of the SNES Classic Edition. The latter managed to sell out within hours of being made available for pre-order, although this has become the standard for Nintendo platforms.

Operating profit numbers are expected to reach 65 billion yen (£435 million), a significant rise over last year's mere 29.4 billion yen (£196 million). This 124% increase shows much needed recovery with Nintendo struggling since the Wii was discontinued.

With the presumable holiday sales rush and Super Mario Odyssey coming soon the Switch looks set to have a massively successful opening year. It should be interesting to see if the PS4 can finally have some fierce competition after its dominant reign so far throughout the eighth generation.


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    Fierce competition ? Competition is bad my friend.

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    You said soaring sales world wide yet there is no proof but US sales only. Is this how journalism works now?

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    62 million Switches ti go then


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