Nintendo Starts Lawsuits Against Switch Hacking Sellers

Nintendo filed two lawsuits on Friday against multiple websites selling items to hack Nintendo Switches, as well as other Nintendo devices. The lawsuits will demand a stop to the hack kit selling as well as $2,500 per violation from each defendant.

Nintendo Starts Lawsuits Against Switch Hacking Sellers

Nintendo has filed two new lawsuits against sites selling Nintendo Switch hacking devices. Earlier today, Polygon released information and court documents for the two lawsuits. According to the lawsuit documents, the sites have been selling items to hack Nintendo Switch devices that allow buyers to play pirated games. The two court cases take place in Ohio and Washington state in the U.S.

The hacking kit is a program that works by bypassing the Switch’s built-in protections against running illegally copied games. All of the devices sold come from an anonymous hacker group called “Team Xecuter”. Although having never caught the group making them, Nintendo filed a lawsuit for another Team Xecuter reseller in 2018.

The Ohio Nintendo lawsuit is against a site called UberChips and its owner, Tom Dilts, Jr. The Washington lawsuit is against multiple websites all selling the same Team Xecuter hacking kits. All of the sites involved in the lawsuits had the same Nintendo Switch hacks for sale, as well as ways to hack multiple other Nintendo devices. Many of the sites had already sold hundreds of these devices. The sites even recently had preorders for hacking devices that would work for the newer Nintendo Switch models and the Switch Lite, which both were previously unhackable.

Polygon pointed out that the UberChips site is currently offline and says it’s “under maintenance”. The various other websites in the Washington lawsuit are still currently running.

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