Nintendo Shares More Switch Online Program Details

Nintendo spills the beans regarding their Switch Online paid program. The paid service will launch at some point in 2018 and will be the cheapest online gaming subscription on consoles.

Nintendo Shares More Switch Online Program Details
About an hour ago Nintendo decided to reveal a great deal of details for the upcoming Switch online model. The program will officially kick off under the name "Nintendo Switch Online" at some point in 2018. In the mean time Nintendo Switch users will be able to play competitive multiplayer games online for free. Once 2018 comes around, however, these online experiences will be locked behind a paywall. This will be true for the Nintendo Switch only, gamers that have the WiiU or 3DS will continue to enjoy free online play with those.

The benefits unlocked for subscribing to the Nintendo Switch Online program will include the following: access to a smartphone app, an online lobby, voice chat, exclusive eShop deals and a Classic game selection. The smartphone app will include a free, limited version available for download some point this summer. The app itself will allow you to invite friends to play online, set play appointment sessions as well as chat sessions with friends during online matches. All these futures just from your smartphone and it's to be assumed you'll be able to do the same from the Switch itself. As for the eShop deals, these will allow subscribers to enjoy exclusive discounts on games and content. Finally, the Classic Game selection will allow subscribers to "download a compilation of classic titles with added online play, such as Super Mario Bros. 3, Balloon Fight and Dr. Mario."

Nintendo Shares More Switch Online Program Details -Classic Game Selection
So far the service seems to be emulating some of the things that both Sony and Microsoft have been doing for awhile. The most significant difference is that for free games, we are looking at NES and possible SNES titles. Although perhaps the "Classic Game Selection" (whose name is subject to change) might end up giving current generation titles just like the competition is doing. Now, the greatest bit of news is the pricing model. Apparently the rates will be as follows: $3.99 for 1-month, $7.99 for 3-months and $19.99 for 12-months. This is the cheapest pricing model as the 1 year subscription for PS Plus or Xbox Gold costs $59.99 and that same amount would give you 3 years of the Switch Online subscription. Definitely, this is some interesting news worth meditating over. In any case, for those that already have a Switch, make sure you enjoy the online services for free until the paid service's official launch in 2018.

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    Really great news. Free for the rest of the year (incredibly better than the competition, even with lower number of online titles), and then just a measly $20 a year. I’m willing to give Nintendo the benefit of the doubt at that price.



    With Sony and Microsoft, getting online costs as much as new retail game, so its always been bugging me: buy a new game, or get online for existing games? For Xbox Live, at least I get some really sweet free games. Not so much for PS Plus.



    So yeah, I’m down for this.

    • Avatar photo

      I’m down for the price as well. However, the free games should be better moving forward. They should at the very least give some N64, GameCube, Wii or WiiU Classics if they don’t plan to give out current gen games. Sony’s selection has indeed worsen but it does give some current gen AAA games and or some really good Indies from time to time.


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