Nintendo Preparing Switch With Upgraded Screen, Report Claims

According to a new report, Nintendo is gearing up production for an upgraded Switch with a 7 inch OLED screen. The long rumoured “Switch Pro” will output 4K to a TV, as well as have increased contrast and response time on its native 720p display.

Nintendo Preparing Switch With Upgraded Screen, Report ClaimsNintendo is preparing to reveal a new version of the Switch with an upgraded screen this year, as Bloomberg reported. This new model will allegedly include a larger 7 inch OLED screen capable of displaying a 720p image. The console will also have the ability to output a 4K image to a TV. This new screen compares to the 6.2-inch screen of the standard Switch and the 5.5 inches on the Lite model. The OLED would mean comparatively sharper contrast and deeper blacks, as well as better power consumption and faster response times.

Samsung Display Co. is named as the supplier for these new screens. Bloomberg claims the company’s plan is to produce 1 million units by June and will start shipping them out to assemblers by July. These screens are reportedly “rigid” OLEDs, which are cheaper in price due to an abundance of supply. Nintendo selecting these screens makes sense, as it falls in line with their philosophy of keeping costs down by finding new ways to use older, cheaper technology.

An upgraded version of the Switch, frequently dubbed the “Switch Pro”, has long been rumoured but never officially announced. Nintendo has repeatedly denied claims that they plan to release such a device, but with Sony and Microsoft both having recently released their new generation of consoles, pressure has been mounting for the comparatively underpowered Switch to keep up with the evolution of technology particularly in terms of TV output resolution.

What do you think of this upgraded Switch news? Would you be interested in picking up a Switch Pro? Let us know in the comments.

Nintendo Direct - 2.17.2021

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