Nintendo Has Updated Their Guidelines for Content Creators

Nintendo caused some controversy when they introduced the Nintendo Creators Program. Now it seems they'll be moving away from the rules to give creators more freedom when it comes to Nintendo gameplay on Youtube and similar platforms.

Nintendo Has Updated Their Guidelines for YouTube Content Creators
It seems that Nintendo will be closing down their rules established in the controversial Nintendo Creators Program. Originally Creators who used gameplay from Nintendo would have to sign up with the Creators Program and split the advert revenue with Nintendo but it seems that they'll be closing down creators program. Or at least making it a little easier for creators.

In a post on Nintendo's website, they've outlined new rules for Content Creators using gameplay from Nintendo's game. I won't copy everything from the page and just give you the important parts.

You may monetize your videos and channels using the monetization methods separately specified by Nintendo. Other forms of monetization of our intellectual property for commercial purposes are not permitted.

Just a little below on the page, they clarified what forms of monetization are acceptable.

  • Facebook -Facebook Game Streamer, Facebook Level Up Program;
  • Niconico Douga/Niconico Live- Niconico Creators Program, Niconico Channel;
  • – OPENREC Creators Program;
  • Twitch – Twitch Affiliate Program and Twitch Partner Program;
  • Twitter – Amplify Publisher Program; and
  • YouTube – YouTube Partner Program.

We encourage you to create videos that include your creative input and commentary. Videos and images that contain mere copies of Nintendo Game Content without creative input or commentary are not permitted. You may, however, post gameplay videos and screenshots using Nintendo system features, such as the Capture Button on Nintendo Switch, without additional input or commentary.

So you can upload normal gameplay as long as it has commentary or some other addition to the video, but not just uploading standard gameplay with no commentary or other input. Unless you use the Switch's built-in capture software.

You are only permitted to use Nintendo Game Content that has been officially released, or from promotional materials officially released by Nintendo (such as product trailers or Nintendo Directs).

This second point is most likely to do with the fact that some people have managed to get early copies of Super Smash Brothers Ultimate already. Despite the fact that it isn't supposed to be released until the 8th of December.

We encourage you to use Nintendo Game Content in videos and images that feature your creative input and commentary. For example, Let's Play videos and video game reviews are within the scope of the Guidelines.
However, you may not simply upload or livestream an existing Nintendo video, gameplay footage without your own creative input, or a copy of content created by someone else. For example, mere copies of Nintendo promotional trailers, tournaments, music soundtracks, gameplay sequences, and art collections are outside the scope of the Guidelines. 

Yes, we reserve the right to remove any content that we believe is unlawful, infringing, inappropriate, or not in line with the Guidelines. In some cases, Nintendo may take down videos on behalf of our third-party partners.

That's just some of the basics. You can read the whole thing here if you're interested.

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