Nintendo Drops Pikmin Bloom Launch Trailer

Nintendo and Niantic have dropped the launch trailer for Pikmin Bloom. This is the first time we've heard the name for the previously announced mobile game. You’ll encounter seven types of Pikmin in your travels, each of which has its own abilities and traits.

Nintendo Drops Pikmin Bloom Launch Trailer

Niantic and Nintendo have dropped the Pikmin Bloom launch trailer. The previously announced mobile game is in some ways similar to Pokémon GO. However, this is the first time we’ve heard the actual title of the new game. Pikmin Bloom is available now on Android and iOS devices.

New adventures are waiting for you around every corner in Pikmin Bloom. Every step you take can grow more Pikmin and make flowers bloom. Pikmin grow from seedlings, and once they are ready you can of course pluck them. Your colorful squad will follow you around anywhere as you walk or travel.

Pikmin Bloom - Launch Trailer

Players of Pikmin Bloom can also collect flower petals from the heads of their little Pikmin. These can then be planted to leave trails of blossoms wherever you decide to travel. In a way, it’s like you’re making the world a better place as you go. Simple beauty, empathy, and compassion are definitely things the world needs more of right now.

As your Pikmin Bloom adventures unfold, you’ll meet seven different types of Pikmin. As in the console Pikmin games, each type has its own abilities and traits. For example, some are strong while others can fly. Raising your friendship level with them high enough may cause them to return with a gift. That gift has an item that can help them become Decor Pikmin. These guys are much harder to get and are dressed to match the area where you found them.

Pikmin Bloom - Extended Announcement Trailer + Miyamoto (Nintendo Mobile)

Players can also connect their Nintendo Account to Pikmin Bloom. This allows you to play as your Mii character, and to get a special seedling that grows into a Pikmin wearing a Mario hat!

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