Nintendo Drops New Skyward Sword HD Overview Trailer

Nintendo has released a Skyward Sword HD overview trailer almost five minutes long. It details the basic story premise, and then dives into the new Joycon and button controls. The entire overview trailer is loaded with nice HD clips of gameplay, before finishing off with a recap of the Zelda & Loftwing amiibo.

Nintendo Drops New Skyward Sword HD Overview Trailer

Nintendo has dropped a new, almost 5-minute Skyward Sword HD overview trailer. An odd detail about the presentation is that they mainly present the game as a new title. They never directly compare it to the original. Instead they spend a good chunk of the trailer introducing the story premise.

Following that, the trailer discusses the new controls in Skyward Sword HD. The left Joycon corresponds to Link’s shield, while the right controls his sword. Nintendo shows us a demonstration at the training dojo in Skyloft. They also cover the new button controls, which allow you to play the game in handheld mode (or on a Switch Lite). It was also confirmed by the game page on the Nintendo UK website, that Skyward Sword HD will support the Switch Pro Controller as well.


Nintendo closes out the Skyward Sword HD overview trailer with a recap of the Zelda & Loftwing amiibo. This figurine was announced a month ago in mid May. Scanning the amiibo while on the lands below the clouds warps you to Skyloft. This also works while Link is inside a dungeon. You can then use it again in Skyloft to return to where you originally warped from. This is a nice quality of life improvement, aside from unfortunately being locked behind a pay wall.

Why is Skyward Sword Important?

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword saw Link set off on his earliest adventure in the Zelda timeline. Link’s adventure in Skyloft, and the lands of Hyrule below it, unveiled the origins of the legendary Master Sword. Also known as the “Blade of Evil’s Bane” in the Zelda series, that sword has aided the hero time and again. The land of Hyrule is caught in an eternal cycle of battles between light and darkness. Each time evil rises again, a new hero must emerge to stand against it. In most cases, his hand wields the mighty Master Sword by the time the final showdown between good and evil erupts.


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