Nintendo Direct February Announcements: Skyward Sword HD, Splatoon 3 and More

All the news to come out of yesterday's Direct update of upcoming titles for the Nintendo Switch. The latest character to be introduced to the popular brawler title Smash Bros Ultimate will be Pyra, the main character of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Other announcements included the remaster of the 2011 Zelda title Skyward Sword and the release of Mario Golf Super Rush and Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout.

Nintendo Direct February Announcements: Zelda Skyward Sword HD, Splatoon 3 and More cover

A series of announcements came from the Nintendo Direct February broadcast regarding the company’s upcoming titles in today’s 50-minute long event, which was shown live on its YouTube channel.

The Nintendo Direct February event made a strong opening, with Pyra/Mythra, one of the main characters of the highly popular Xenoblade franchise, being introduced as the newest playable character in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. She will become available sometime in March, although a specific date wasn’t provided.

Following this announcement, it was made known that one of last year’s breakout titles, Fall Out Guys: Ultimate Knockout will also be making its way to the Nintendo Switch this summer; however, again, a specific time frame was not provided.

Many other games were also announced, including Samurai Warriors 5 by Koei Tecmo, Legend Of Mana by Square Enix and a new entry to Capcom’s Monster Hunter series titled Monster Hunter Rise.

There was also something for Super Mario franchise fans in the show, as Nintendo announced that Mario Golf: Super Rush, a new entry to the Mario Golf series for the Switch, would be released on June 25, with many new features, including a story mode, a speed mode and the chance to create your own character. Additionally, from March 1, new Mario-themed furniture will be available in the shops of Animal Crossing: New Horizons through an update that will go live on February 25.

In other news, a new tactical RPG dubbed Project Triangle Strategy was announced, with a demo available for players right now through the Nintendo eShop. The full game won’t be released until 2022.

As for another highly anticipated, Switch-exclusive RPG, the final trailer for Bravely Default II launched on Nintendo’s official YouTube channel just a few minutes after the end of the Direct. 

BRAVELY DEFAULT II – Final Trailer (Nintendo Switch)

The Legend Of Zelda fans will have mixed feelings about the show as there were announcements in regards to their favorite franchise, but perhaps not the ones they were hoping for. Initially, Nintendo released a time-frame for the Expansion Pack of Hyrule Warriors: Age Of Calamity, with the first DLC dropping on May 28.

Afterwards, the series producer Eiji Aonuma made an appearance to disappoint fans, stating that while there won’t be any news in regards to the highly anticipated Breath Of The Wild sequel, development is going well, and they should be able to deliver some news by the end of the year.

He went on to announce the re-release of the 2011 Wii title Skyward Sword for the Switch, with updated visuals, enhanced controls for the new console to allow for better movement and two new Zelda-themed controllers. The game will launch on July 16, confirming the rumor that began going around when the game was found on Amazon’s UK website.

Before the end of the show, Nintendo also revealed that a sequel to their highly popular Splatoon series (titled Splatoon 3) is in development and is scheduled for release sometime in 2022.

Listed below are all the games announced (and their release dates) from the Nintendo Direct February broadcast:

  • Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout – Summer 2021
  • Outer Wilds – TBA
  • Famicom Detective Club The Missing Heir and The Girl Who Stands Behind (games sold separately) – May 14
  • Samurai Warriors 5 – Summer 2021
  • Legend Of Mana – June 24
  • Monster Hunter Rise – March 26
  • Mario Golf: Super Rush – June 25
  • Tales From The Borderlands – March 24
  • Capcom Arcade Stadium – Available Now
  • No More Heroes 3 – August 27
  • Neon White – Winter 2021
  • DC Super Hero Girls Teen Power – June 4
  • Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville – March 19
  • Miitopia – May 21
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons gets Mario-themed furnishing – update on February 25, items available at shops March 1
  • Project Triangle Strategy – 2022 (demo available now)
  • Star Wars Hunters – 2021
  • Knockout City – May 21
  • World’s End Club – May 28
  • Hades physical release with soundtrack and 48-page character compendium – March 19
  • Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection – June 10
  • Hyrule Warriors: Age Of Calamity Expansion Pack – begins May 28
  • Bravely Default II – February 26
  • Ghosts N’ Goblins: Resurrection – February 25
  • Saga Frontier Remastered – April 15
  • Apex Legends – March 9
  • Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword Remastered – July 16
  • Splatoon 3 – 2022

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