Nintendo Direct Mini January 11th Summary

It almost seemed like the day would pass with no direct, but Nintendo did finally release a short but meaty Direct Mini for Nintendo fans. There are tons of ports and remakes as well as a couple new titles.

Nintendo Direct Mini Summary
It seemed like the day was going to pass with no word from Nintendo, but the Nintendo Direct Mini finally appeared, and there was a lot packed into the brief 15-minute segment. Here are the highlights.

1. The World Ends With You –Final Remix–

A decade later, the critically acclaimed action RPG for the Nintendo DS will get a remake for the Nintendo Switch. It will feature original as well as joy-con controls, and there will be a new scenario added exclusive for the Nintendo Switch. 

Release date: 2018

2. Pokemon Tournament Battle Deluxe Battle Pack

There are two waves of battle packs coming out for this game. The first wave will feature Aegislash, Mega Raquaza, and Mimikyu. This will be released on January 31st. Wave two will feature Blastoise, Celebi, and Mew, and it will come with extra avatars. Wave 2 will be released on March 23rd.

Release Date: January 31st, March 23rd

3. Kirby Star Allies

Kirby Star Allies will release on March 16th, and the game will cater towards a multi-player experience. New abilities like the artist and spider have been announced and mixing and matching abilities with friends will open up new paths to beat levels and defeat tough foes. For instance, players can mix elements like water and ice to shoot icicles.

Release Date: March 16th

Nintendo Direct Mini Summary Kirby

4. Demos

There is a Kirby Battle Royale demo now available on the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

There is a Dragon Quest Builders demo now available on the Nintendo switch eShop.

5. Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition

All the maps, characters, and missions from both the Wii U and 3DS versions will be available as well as all the available DLC. Link and Zelda will have rustic outfits from Zelda Breath of the Wild available as well. Two players can join combat together on one screen and the game is scheduled for release this spring.

Release Date: Spring 2018

6. Mario Tennis Aces

Featuring what looks like choosing special shots with the joy-con and the first story mode since the GBA iteration of the series, Mario Tennis Aces looks to be revamping the series. The story mode will feature boss battles and missions, and hopefully, we will hear more details soon.

Release Date: Spring 2018

7. Y's VIII

The popular action RPG's eighth entry will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. NIS's adventure will hit the switch in summer and is the first time the game has portable capabilities.

Release Date: Summer 2018

Nintendo Direct Mini Summary Y's VIII

8. Mario Odyssey: Balloon World

A free update is coming to Mario Odyssey in February. You must beat the game to enjoy it, but talking to Luigi will initiate balloon mode. Players from around the world can hide balloons. They will have thirty seconds to do so; players can also choose to search for balloons, and they will also have 30 seconds to find them. If players have trouble finding your balloons, your global ranking will increase. 

It's a speedrun of sorts, but it looks intriguing and makes Mario Odyssey a bit more communal and adds to the already sprawling adventure.

Release Date: February 2018

9. SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy

This is a tag-team fighter featuring all your favorite SNK ladies. It has an emphasis on combos and using special moves to finish. Depleting opponents HP may not end a fight, so after, by using the special move, Dream Finish, you can win a fight. There looks to be a ton of outfits for the ladies, so they can always walk into a fight looking their best.

 Release Date: Summer 2018

10. Donkey Kong in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Donkey Kong is joining the party in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle in DLC that will be released sometime in Spring. 

11. PAYDAY 2

Payday 2 is coming to the Nintendo Switch. There is local multiplayer, allowing four players (who all own the Nintendo switch) to play together. There are also touch screen controls and HD rumble feature adding a fresh and immersive experience to the game.

 A new computer whizz named Joy will be an exclusive character on the Nintendo switch version; she has her own weapons, hacker perks, and an alternating HD mask.

Release Date: February 27th

12. Fe and Celeste

Fe is a gorgeous exploration-based platformer where you must sing with the plants and animals in the forest to unlock new abilities and advance in the game. I hope more news will be released soon because it's due out soon.

Release Date: February 16th

Nintendo Direct Mini Summary FE

Celeste is an action-platformer where you can climb up sides of mountains, dash in mid-air, and meet strange allies and foes. The game sounds like it will be challenging and will feature an invincibility mode to make the game a bit more accessible and open. We won't have to wait long to try this 2D platformer since it comes out on January 25th.

Release Date: January 25th

13. Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze

The newest entry in the Donkey Kong Country series is back, and this time, Funky Kong is being added to the playable roster. Different control schemes and multi-player options are available, and it should be great for players who never got to try it out on the Wii U.

Release Date: May 4th

Nintendo Direct Mini Summary DKC Tropical Freeze

14. Dark Souls Remastered

The Nintendo Direct Mini ended with a trailer for Dark Souls Remastered. Not much gameplay was actually shown, but it looks gorgeous, and it was probably the biggest surprise of the night. Fans claiming Nintendo doesn't make challenging games can enjoy the pain, death, and glory in the original Dark Souls game.

The entire Nintendo Direct Mini can be watched on the link below. Please let us know what part of the Direct Mini you are most excited about.

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