Nintendo Debuts New Ask the Developer Series

Nintendo has started a new developer interview series called Ask the Developer. The first volume dives into the development of Nintendo's recent title: Game Builder Garage. Nintendo Ask the Developer is reminiscent of the late President Satoru Iwata’s interview series called Ask Iwata.

Nintendo Debuts New Ask the Developer Series

Nintendo has started a new Ask the Developer interview series. Each volume of the series features some of Nintendo’s developers. Together, they discuss their game creation process. The first volume is already released on the Nintendo website. This entry in the series includes two developers. Together they detail the development of Game Builder Garage.

If you’ve been a fan of Nintendo for a long time, you’ll agree this is reminiscent of the Iwata Asks series. The late Nintendo President, Satoru Iwata, presided over those interviews. In them, he would interview various developers. Each developer would give their thoughts on the creation a game. On a related note, the Ask Iwata tribute book was localized earlier this year.

Game Builder Garage - Overview Trailer - Nintendo Switch


Ask the Developer, Vol 1

Nintendo Ask the Developer, Vol. 1: Game Builder Garage features two developers. Naoki Masuda was the Director and Programmer of the game. Meanwhile, Kosuke Teshima was the Subdirector. That role involved managing the game’s “Interactive Lessons”. Both developers also worked on Nintendo Labo.

To kick off this Ask the Developer series, in which Nintendo developers convey in their own words Nintendo’s thoughts about creating products and the specific points they are particular about, we are talking to two people who were involved in developing the Game Builder Garage™ game.

In this Nintendo Ask the Developer interview, Naoki Masuda reveals Game Builder Garage‘s origins. He wanted to broaden the Toy-Con Garage concept beyond VR. At the same time, the developers also wanted to make it more accessible. Then even players without any programming knowledge could enjoy it.

The interview is pretty long. However, click the link at the top of this section to see it. The first Nintendo Ask the Developer entry is interesting and worth a read.

I think it’s great Nintendo is starting a new developer interview series, but how do you feel about it?
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