Nintendo Celebrates MAR10 Day With Mario Sales

Switch games are going on sale this March 10. Every year, Mario fans celebrate the 10th of March. This is because one of the day’s abbreviations, MAR10, looks like “Mario.” Nintendo recognizes this as well, and it celebrates with sales on Mario games for the Switch and merchandise.

Nintendo Celebrates MAR10 Day With Mario Sales Cover

You may have seen images of milk expiring on March 10. You may have also noticed that the expiration date reads “MAR10,” which looks like “Mario.” Mario fans celebrate this day – MAR10 Day – due to this abbreviation, and this year, Nintendo aims to do the same with a sale. Until March 13, 2021 at 11:59 PM PT, fans can buy Super Mario Maker 2, Mario Tennis Aces, Super Mario Party, and Luigi’s Mansion 3 on the Switch eShop for 35% off – $38.99 US each from the normal $59.99 US.

In addition to game sales, Super Mario Bros. 35th anniversary-themed merchandise can now be purchased at a 35% discount. They are available at the Nintendo store page, which contains clothing, accessories, hard copies of games, and other physical goods.

On top of MAR10 Day, Nintendo continues to celebrate Mario’s 35th anniversary through its other games. In Mario Kart Tour, a new Mario Tour arrives on March 9 – featuring Tokyo Blur 4 and new drivers, karts and gliders. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp players can receive a Mario hat cushion if they log in between 3/1/21 and 3/23/21.

As for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Mario-themed furniture and cosmetics became available on March 1. One of these items is a warp pipe, which transports players between two different spots of the island.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons x Super Mario Collaboration Items - Nintendo Direct 2.17.2021

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