Nintendo Announces OLED Model Switch

The wait is over, as in a surprise announcement Nintendo has revealed a brand new version of their Switch console which is set to launch later this year. However this new OLED model might not be the upgrade some might have been expecting.

Nintendo Announces OLED Model Switch Cover

Nintendo has announced a brand new Nintendo Switch OLED model which is set to release in October. This new revision of the hybrid console will bring a handful of new hardware features to the system. However it is not the Switch Pro that many speculated that it might be.

Announced with little fanfare in a short and glossy video which was dropped on Youtube the Nintendo Switch OLED model will feature a larger 7 inch OLED screen, improved audio, 64gb of internal storage, a LAN port built into the system’s dock, and more adjustable kickstand. The system’s official web page does not mention any new features that do not already appear in the announcement video.

From what is stated on the web page the Nintendo Switch OLED is very much a revision rather than a more advanced model; the system’s battery life will be about the same as the standard Switch and no hints to improvements to overall performance. As such this is less of a Switch Pro and more of a Switch Semi-Pro.

There had been rumours abound for the past year about a potential hardware update being launched some time this year. Rumours which some interpreted as a Switch Pro. However as we now know that isn’t the case. The Nintendo Switch OLED version is set to be released on 8th October 2021 with a retail price of $349.99.

The Nintendo Switch OLED model is the third model in the range.

The Nintendo Switch OLED model is the third model in the range.

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