Nintendo Accused Of Cultural Appropriation With Odyssey

The latest Super Mario game is being accused of culturally appropriating the Mexican culture, according to a number of users on social media.

Nintendo Accused Of Cultural Appropriation With Mario Odyssey
Nintendo is being called out for culturally appropriating Mexican culture with Mario's newest iteration for the Switch, titled Super Mario Odyssey.

People on social media are specially calling out Mario's Mexican outfit, depicted below, in which the iconic character wears a sombrero and a poncho.

Mario's Mexican outfit in Super Mario Odyssey
Examples of users calling out Nintendo can be found below:

Super Mario Odyssey Racism 1
Super Mario Odyssey Racism 2
Super Mario Odyssey Racism 3
What do you think of Mario's outfit? Is it really the product of cultural appropriation? Let us know in the comments below.

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Please, put your big boy pants on people! It’s cute and not meant to be racist. There are a few very gay characters in Zelda who are flamboyant as heck. As a gray man should I be outraged by the much more exaggerated representation of gay men?????


As a Mexican i’m not offended, white lady’s that are offended for my you can go an suck my big hairy Mexican balls


All of a sudden this is racist? He had been protesting Italian-americans as uneducated, stupid, blue collar workers, and the ethnic slur goomba has always been in the game. But now its racist. Let that sink in.


People need to get a damn life. It’s a video game!!!! Anything for people to pull the race card. This is 2017, not 1950 idiots!!



Omfg! Get over it, it isn’t racist! SMO is just showing culture. It is making a statement. If you feel it is racist, dont play it. What’s next? Black carp is rasist? Asian carp? Redskins? Omfg get over it!


Everybody’s trolling, nobody thinks Mario could be racist in a million years.


I love how he is in front of a wall too lol!


Mario or Nintendo are not racist


source from tumblr


i think i seen enough

Derek Rumpler

Do people even know the meaning of the word “racist” anymore?     If I am in Mexico and I go to a clothing shop, I can expect them to sell clothing related to that culture. If I live in another culture, even if I am white, I can expect to even buy and wear clothes native to the culture I am in.     This is a Mexico-themed level. So the shop will sell Mexico-themed clothing.     Now if you dress up as a Mexican for Halloween then that is a different matter since you are turning the… Read more »


I live in Mexico and I beg to differ even in Halloween if you dress as a Mexican i don’t feel offended I wear t-shirts and jeans everyday that doesn’t mean I’m dressing up as an American, if you want to wear a fake mustache and wear a sombrero go ahead


Shut up.


Excelent out fit. Its a mario game dont cangw the normal mario ways cause the new generation is more emotion then the old!


Guess the author of this didn’t do proper research before posting this… why don’t you use tweets from actual Mexicans? Also as many said it already, the reference to a certain game. And last thing, that is not a poncho, it’s a Sarape, do your research and name things properly before uploading anything.

Gato Brujo

oh look: a bunch of white, middle-class american liberals being offended on behalf of other culture, so they can feel morally superior and get a few likes on social media…why am i not surprised?


Ikr!? It gets worse as the years pass. Asian carp is a rasist name! It is not rasist, it just comes from Asia…


Mexican Speaking…



Arriba Super Mario Odyssey, tiene todo mi permiso de ser el mejor juego jamas creado muchas gracias. No tienen idea de como me encanta ese Mario tan bonito :D. Muchos pueden pensar lo que quieran pero no hay Mexicano al que no le guste este Mario.



Do you EVEN remember how mexicans loved Spidey Gonzales?!!!!


Please view 53 seconds into this Qix video for the original Gameboy. Look familiar? What do you think is being referenced in Odyssey?



Please people. Calm down and move on.


There are other “stereo types” in this game too. Where was the uproar when this launched?


People whining about this kinda bullshit need to get shot in the back of the head cause their stupidity is like a disease nowadays.


No, it’s not cultural appropriation. Mario is just wearing a sombrero and a poncho, and that’s all. He’s not telling everyone Mexicans wear and act that way, neither he is being racist. Stop exagerating things, please.


Not your guys’ fault that you didn’t notice that it was actually a reference to a game called Qix. Do your research before you post, kids!



You have gotta be kidding.


Where I work is the cultural norm to abuse each other verbally from the moment you walk in ur shift.


Grow a bitta skin eh?


Get over it.

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