Nintendo Account Breach Is Far Worse Than Originally Thought

Back in April, Nintendo had reported that approximately 160,000 Nintendo accounts had been compromised. Nintendo have now updated those initial findings with the actual figure now being a lot closer to the 300,000 mark. The figures are still not yet final.

Nintendo Account Breach Was Far Worse Than Originally Thought Cover

In April, Nintendo had to come out and publicly acknowledge a data breach that saw the private details of up to 160,000 Nintendo accounts come under threat. This has led to people’s payment methods being used for unauthorized purposes, which Nintendo have mostly refunded. Nintendo’s support and information page was updated with details of the Nintendo Account breach, and how to rectify this. Even though Nintendo were able to reset the logins for these accounts, the update post mentions an additional 140,000 accounts that were subjected to this privacy intrusion, meaning there could be more still. This is twice as many as people previously thought, which is an alarming increase.

But even now, there’s no official word from Nintendo on when these breaches took place, or how they were able to happen in the first place. It’s obviously not the first time a major video game company has been the victim of hacking, as Sony, EA, and Steam have all been the targets of cyber-terrorism. Sony’s case, in 2011, was quite severe, as over 77 million accounts were breached, resulting in a Playstation Network outage that lasted 23 days.

The numbers for Nintendo’s breach will presumably increase, but by how many remains to be seen.

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