Ninja Pizza Girl releases on IOS today

Are your ready for a slice of ninja action? Ninja Pizza Girl releases on IOS systems today.

Ninja Pizza Girl releases on IOS today
After having previously released on consoles and PC, Disparity Games have announced that Ninja Pizza Girl is releasing today on IOS devices.

About the game, Disparity Games wrote:

Thanks to massive overpopulation and ruthless corporate competition, the only way to deliver pizzas in the future is by hiring underpaid teenage ninjas to sprint their delicious dinners over rooftops. Ninja Pizza Girl stars Gemma, one such teenager who works for her father’s unfashionable but honest pizza delivery company. Can she survive the perils of rooftop parkour, dizzying jumps and – worst of all – ridicule from other teenagers?

You can view some promotional images for the game below:

Ninja Pizza Girl image 1

Ninja Pizza Girl image 2

Ninja Pizza Girl image 3
Ninja Pizza Girl image 4
Nicole Star, of Disparity Games said:

We’re so proud of everything Ninja Pizza Girl has achieved on its computer and console releases, and now iPhone and iPad gamers can get a taste and I can’t wait to see what they think of Gemma’s heart (and stomach) warming adventures.

Are you looking forward to playing the game on IOS systems? Feel free to let us know down in the comments below.

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