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Nightmares Await in Hellish Tycoon, Hotel Afterlife

Congratulations! You have been chosen to run Hotel Afterlife, a hotel based in Hell in need of your help and guidance to purify the souls of sinners. Ever wondered what it’s like in the afterlife? Now you don’t have to with Alrauna Studio’s Hotel Afterlife, the latest tycoon sensation.

Nightmares Await in Hellish Tycoon, Hotel Afterlife

Later this year, Alrauna Studio is set to release their city-builder tycoon, Hotel Afterlife. Containing dark comedy and cartoon graphics, this game sees the player chosen to run a hotel located in Hell. It is the player’s job as the new manager to reach out to the sinners and purify the souls of those who enter their establishment by building the hotel of your dreams (or nightmares), complete with torture rooms, eerie corridors, and dedicated rooms for your staff and guests. Don’t worry about your finances. Nobody in Hell uses money. Your currency? The sins of your customers. Improve your hotel, add in new features, and watch those sinners queue up to be purified.

The dark-humoured game will include nine campaign maps to play through, all inspired by the nine circles of Hell from Dante Alighieri’s, Divine Comedy, as well as a free-play option. Along with the campaign, players will also be able to govern staff and barracks, and partake in the online ranking system. There have also been rumours that the developers may be adding numerous features based on mythologies from around the globe.

Hotel Afterlife will be out in the fourth quarter of 2020 on PC (Steam), and later on Switch and other consoles.

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