Nightmarchers: See How Choice Alters the World Around You

Popular games developers, Wyrmbyte Studios, continue their video development diaries on Nightmarchers with their latest video. The game is an open world RPG shooter which takes place on the ravaged Hawaiian island of Oahu. In this landscape weapons are scarce and the ancient gods of the island play a pivotal role in your quests.

Nightmarchers: See How Choice Alters the World Around You
Nightmarchers is a post apocalyptic open-world shooter set on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. A powerful earthquake broke Oahu away from the rest of the islands and killed most of the populace. Order broke down quickly, and the island’s surviving populace split itself into factions; The traditionalist Ali’i, the The Lava Dogs, the surviving members of a USMC detachment, and The Research Institute, an enclave of scientists that survived the event. Everyone else is either a lone survivor – hermits, wanderers, and others who eschew settlements and politics – or a raider, bandit, or thug. Welcome to Oahu. Aloha!

Having options when accomplishing your missions will always create a different outcome for players. Here is a short video showing how your choices will follow you and how the world will react to you.

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