NieR: Automata on Game Pass Improved Over Steam Version

The newly released Game Pass PC version of NieR: Automata has been improved over the existing Steam version, which suffered from many major technical problems. Poor frame rates, incorrect resolution scaling, and crashes have now been fixed in this new launch of the game.

NieR: Automata on Game Pass Improved Over Steam VersionNieR: Automata was released on Game Pass through the Microsoft Store on PC today and it appears to be improved compared to the state of the game on Steam, PC Gamer is reporting. On Steam, it was released in 2017 and was plagued with various technical issues that were never officially fixed. This new Microsoft Store version does not suffer from these same issues.

Steam offers the Game of the YorHa Edition of NieR: Automata and is notorious for having many technical problems. Issues include resolution not scaling properly, the inability to play in borderless windowed mode, poor frame rates, and even frequent crashes for some players. The game was never patched after release and has remained in this state ever since. Fans took it upon themselves to fix the game, eventually leading to the FAR mod, which solved these issues.

Buying through the Microsoft Store goes through Game Pass, which has the BECOME AS GODS Edition, which appears to be a port of the Xbox One version from 2018 that shares the same name. Both the Game of the YorHa and BECOME AS GODS contains all the DLC that came out. This version does not share the same performance and resolution problems as the Steam release and also supports borderless windowed mode as well. This improved version of the game was reportedly developed by QLOC, a company that specialises in quality assurance and porting games to other platforms.

NieR:Automata BECOME AS GODS Edition - Launch Trailer

What do you think about NieR: Automata on Game Pass and seeing how it improved? Did the problems with the Steam version put you off before? Let us know in the comments.

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