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Nickelodeon Classics Join SMITE In New Event

Nickelodeon slime leaks into the battlegrounds of SMITE in its newest collaboration event. Take on the roles of classic Nickelodeon characters with their own fun spins on their original character counterparts. Unlock some very smashing new cosmetics and grab the new skins to wage battle in the realm of the gods.

Nickelodeon Classics Join SMITE In New Event CoverOn July 12th, Hi-Rez Studios and Titan Forge Games team up with Nickelodeon to unleash a collection of classic characters onto the battlegrounds of SMITE in their newest collaboration event. This time instead of characters from one particular franchise like in the past Nickelodeon crossover events with Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, we will be getting a range of classic characters from Nickelodeon’s roster. They’ve revealed that Danny Phantom, Rocko, Powdered Toastman, XJ9 and Zim will be appearing in-game. Check out the reveal trailer below:

SMITE x Nickelodeon - Available July 2022!

This event will provide players with new Nickelodeon-themed skins (which are all fully voiced) and cosmetics. Danny Phantom will take on the role of Janus, Rocko will be Danzaburou, XJ9 as Freya, Powdered Toastman as Gilgamesh and Zim will be Cupid. The event will let players unlock a dozen free cosmetic rewards, like the infamous smashing meme with the Global emote from The Wild Thornberrys and the Gir Stomp emote from Invader Zim.

To celebrate their newest collaboration, Playstation Plus members can get a limited-time offer with the SMITE x Nickelodeon Plus Pack that unlocks the five gods which are featured in the event and their voice packs. It’s unknown at the moment when the event will end but considering some events can last months, it’ll probably give players enough time to obtain everything from the event. 

In related news, Hi-Rez announced on Twitter that their partnership with Netflix from the SMITE x Stranger Things event will be coming to an end. You can read more about this here.

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