Ni No Kuni gets a film in Japan

Ni No Kuni will be getting an anime film, coming this summer from Warner Brothers Japan and Level-5. The announcement comes from a press conference, where it was also revealed that Level-5 CEO, Akihiro Hino, would be an executive producer and scriptwriter for the upcoming project.

Ni No Kuni get's a film in Japan
The film will not be an adaptation of either the first game or sequel but will be an original story set within the world of Ni No Kuni. The story will follow high school student Yuu, and his best friend Haru, as they travel back and forth between the real world and alternative world where the game takes place, after an incident involving their childhood friend Kotona.

The animation will be provided by Studio OLM, who is best known for the TV anime versions of Pokemon and Yo-Kai Watch. Yoshiyuki Momose, a Studio Ghibli veteran who worked on past Ni no Kuni titles, returns as the films character designer. The series composer, Joe Hisaishi, will also return to provide the film score.

No release date has been announced and there are no plans for a western release.

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