NFL And EA Renew Partnership For More Madden Games

The NFL, NFLPA, and EA Sports have announced a new extension that allows for EA to make more Madden games. As a result, this means that EA Sports will continue to be the exclusive home for simulated football games for the next few years.

NFL And EA Renew Partnership For More Madden Games

The NFL and EA have renewed their exclusive partnership to make more Madden games.

MMQB’s Albert Breer reported that the deal will last through 2025 and it can extend through 2026 if the gaming franchise makes enough money. 

Here’s what EA CEO Andrew Wilson had to say about this new deal:

“Building on the most successful year ever for Madden NFL, this is a powerful time for EA SPORTS to come together with the NFL and the NFLPA in this new wide-reaching partnership. Together, we have a tremendous opportunity to entertain more players through new Madden NFL experiences, games in new genres and on new platforms, esports, and new innovations that will grow fans’ love of the NFL around the world.”

This is good news for fans of the franchise because it means Madden will continue to roll on. However, this is terrible news for those who were hoping another studio would get a shot at developing a simulated football game under the NFL banner. There’s actually some solid logic behind this other than the typical “EA sucks” comment you usually see online. If the NFL were to open up the floodgates, so to speak, it would spark competition for simulated football games and the result could be a better product.

Back in March, the NFL and 2K Games struck a deal that would allow for 2K to develop non-simulated football games. For those wondering what a non-simulated football game is, it’s a football game that is more of an arcade experience opposed to a more realistic football game like Madden. The NFL/2K deal won’t be impacted by this news and 2K’s first football game in years is expected to release in 2021.

Madden NFL 20 - This is Madden Official Gameplay Launch Trailer

What are your thoughts on EA retaining the exclusive rights for simulated football games? Do you think Madden needs some competition? Let us know in the comments below!


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