Next Metro Title Quietly Announced

It seems that the next installment in the popular Metro has been quietly confirmed on the Metro 2035 website. After announcing the final installment of the Metro novels last year, another project has been added to the list. Early images suggest it is a game, though the website text has been changed. Are you ready to trek back into the radioactive wastes?

Next Metro Title Quietly Announced
Metro is a well-loved series, for good reason. The first person shooter nature mixed with intense combat, compelling story and dark atmosphere makes Metro a truly unique experience in the crowded world of apocalypse games.

With the last release from the popular series releasing in 2013, its been a fair while since we've seen a Metro title, but it seems we may not have to wait much longer. Earlier today, the Metro 2035 website, the official place for the popular novels and video games, added another entry to its project list.

Metro2035 page reads 'The next Metro video game'
It appears that previously, the page read the above about 'The next Metro video game'. However, when visiting the site, it appears that the page has indeed been changed. Perhaps the statement was too straightforward, perhaps whoever updated the website was not meant to reveal it was the game yet, or perhaps something else is going on. There's no solid way of knowing.

The altered text, hinting at the nature of the next project
However, Metro 2035 is indeed a reputable source for all things Metro and, assuming this screenshot is indeed genuine, we could be seeing a trailer for a brand new Metro game sooner than we think.

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