Next Fest Features Demos for Numerous Upcoming Titles

Steam's new event called Next Fest features demos for tons of upcoming games, offering players the chance to try before they buy. In addition, numerous livestreams featuring future releases are planned throughout the week. The festivities run from June 16 through June 22.

Next Fest Features Demos for Numerous Upcoming Titles

While E3 might have ended, the fun for gamers is only getting started. Steam’s new event called Next Fest features demos for tons of upcoming games. The virtual festival runs from June 16 through June 22. 

There are over hundreds of demos available for gamers to check out. Whether you like platformers, turn-based strategy games, roguelikes, or any number of other genres in gaming, there appears to be a little something for everyone in this virtual buffet. Games such as Omno, Severed Steel, and Terra Nil are just a few examples of interesting games coming soon that have demos available now. 

Omno - Official Gameplay Trailer | Summer of Gaming 2021

In addition to the numerous demos available to download and play, a wide variety of livestreams are planned during the week. These streams take a deeper dive into some of the games planned to release in the coming months. They include walkthroughs and interviews with developers.

Despite not having the same level of AAA games as a larger conference such as E3, Next Fest features demos from a lot of smaller developers. It’s nice to see these indie companies get the opportunity to have their works seen by the community.

Terra Nil - Reveal Trailer

Providing free demos for people to play helps spotlight hidden gems amongst the crowded gaming landscape. This festival increases these titles accessibility, giving people the chance to try a game that they might otherwise not be willing to buy. It will be interesting to see if some of the bigger developers in the industry take note of this practice and adopt a similar strategy regarding demos moving forward. 

What do you think of Next Fest? Have you tried out some of the demos from the event? Let me know in the comments. 

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