Next Call Of Duty Bringing Back Single-Player Campaign Mode

With Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Activision and developers Treyarch Studios did the unimaginable by cutting out the long-running single-player campaign mode. While the introduction of the speedy online battle royale mode offered new ways to experience the Call of Duty universe, many fans felt a bit betrayed due to the lack of a traditional campaign. It looks like that's about to change.

Next Call Of Duty Bringing Back Single-Player Campaign Mode
Many fans of the popular first-person shooter Call of Duty series assumed, with the new Blackout mode taking off, that Activision would continue the online only approach to future releases in the series. However, in Activision's earnings report, new details have surfaced regarding the 2019 installment of the ongoing franchise. President of Activision, Rob Kostich, confirmed that the next in line for Call of Duty titles plans to include the single-player campaign option.

But that's not all that is looking to be included in the next Call of Duty iteration. A "huge and expansive" multiplayer mode, traditional online matches and a co-op mode will also be seeing their way into the next Call of Duty title, which is presumably being developed by Infinity Ward. If so, many fans are throwing rumors around claiming the next installment could either be Modern Warfare 4 or Ghosts 2 since both were developed by the same studio, Infinty Ward.

"It’s going to feature an entirely new campaign, a huge and expansive multiplayer world, and of course some fun co-op gameplay. But from day 1, what gets me really excited, is every time we’ve shown this title internally, it just creates a ton of buzz. Now I wish I could tell you a lot more right now but unfortunately you’re gonna have to wait, but I think it’s going to be really worth it. We can’t wait to share with the world." – President of Activision, Rob Kostich 

There hasn't been much more news regarding the upcoming Call of Duty title, but we're hoping to hear more about the 2019 shooter soon. And with the success of Blackout and Black Ops 4, should we expect future support for the ongoing battle royale mode, especially since it's closest BR competitors are continusously offering new improvements and updates.

Be sure to check back for more news regarding the upcoming Call of Duty title, and any other big news within the franchise itself.

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