Nex Machina Release Date And Platforms Announced

Get ready to blast incoming waves of aliens and other equally important foes with a buddy. Housemarque breaks the secrecy and announces to the world a release date that's closer than we could have imagined. The studio also shows a change of direction as they will bring Nex Machina to PCs via Steam.

Nex Machina Release Date And Platforms Announced
Talented twin stick shooter developer Housemarque just raised the heat with some exciting news sprayed across their website, twitter and facebook. Nex Machina was announced to be releasing on June 20th. Even more surprising was the reveal that the game will also be headed to PC via the Steam store. This breaks the studio's long chain of Playstation exclusives. It also opens the door to ponder whether Matterfall will also launch on Steam as well.

The release date was not the only news that the Finnish developer had for fans. They also announced that the game will have the trademark local co-op that fans have come to expect from their games. As the cherry on top of the cake, the studio gave us a new trailer to celebrate such welcomed news. The trailer below has some gameplay footage showing mostly the co-op mode. Check it out to witness the awesome heavy-action craziness that these games are known for:

For those wondering what the hype is really about, Nex Machina is a twin-stick shoot 'em up action game played from a top-down perspective. The game has you progressing through small and large areas or rooms while shooting incoming waves of enemies. There are power-ups and weapon upgrades to find across the level and one of the goals seems to be saving as many humans as possible. The game looks very similar to previous games by the studio such as Dead Nation and Alienation.

What shocking news just before E3. Are our readers excited about these news? Let us know below. 

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