Newly Revealed Characters Coming To Smash Brothers Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is shaping up to be every Nintendo fan's dream game. The most recent Nintendo Direct focused on the game and it's many new features and additions. This and future Direct videos will keep fans salivating until the release of the game this winter.

Newly Revealed Characters Coming To Smash Brothers Ultimate
Super Smash Brothers Ultimate is aiming to become one of the most successful entries in the deeply loved and well-received fighting game franchise. The games are known for their tight controls and deep gameplay mechanics and movesets. They're also known for their vibrant cast of multiple characters. This entry plans on featuring every character that's been in the series up to this point. There will, however, be some new fighters joining the fray however.

OG Vampire Slayer Simon Belmont Joins The Fight Alongside His Descendant Richter!
Revelaed in the Nintendo Direct from yesterday was the inclusion of Simon and Richter Belmont from the Castlevania franchise. Many series fans have been eagerly awaiting the inclusion of Simon into the Smash Brothers franchise. His moveset focuses upon his many vampire-slaying weapons and his Final Smash forces his enemies into a coffin that is then chained up and decimated by multiple magical cross spells. Alongside this announcement was the inclusion of Richter Belmont as an echo fighter for Simon. His moveset looks to be similar with a few unique flourishes to set the two apart.

Fire Emblem Receives Yet Another (Sigh) Rep Alongside Dark Samus As Echo Fighters!
The next two featured characters were Chrom from the Fire Emblem series and Dark Samus from the Metroid Franchise. Chrom has also been a character many have wanted in the game for a while. It looked as though he'd show up in the last entry but sadly he only features as part of a Final Smash. This time around Chrom utilizes a moveset inspired by Ike, Marth and Roy to defeat his enemies. His final smash is also somewhat similar to theirs but looks to be visually designed to be unique in some ways.

Dark Samus has shown up previously as a trophy in the franchise but never as a playable character. Her moveset mirrors Samus but has many small nuances to set her apart. Her Final Smash utilizes a giant beam of dark energy that can be controlled to hit multiple opponents.

King K. Rool Finally Enters The Ring To Annihilate His Opponents!
The final character announcement from the video started off by tricking viewers into thinking it was just showing King DeDeDe trying to parank Donkey and Diddy Kong. He was quickly trounced however by King K. Rool. Many fans have been waiting to see this character in the franchise as nearly every other supported series thus far has had a featured villain character playable. He joins the villanous ranks of those such as Ganondorf, Bowser and Ridley.

His moveset seems to utilize his abilities and strength throughout the DK franchise. He has a projectile move that uses his Captain K. Rool outfit and gun to attack opponents. He can also attack with his metal plated belly and dangerously sharp claws. He can also throw his crown at enemies and his Final Smash evokes nostalgic memories of DK 64 as he fires a giant laser from his K. Rool-shaped fortress to knockout the other characters. King K. Rool is a welcomed addition to the cast alongside the other heavy-hitters such as DK and Bowser.

The game will most likely have more Nitnendo Direct videos before release. Super Smash Brothers Ultimate releases Decemeber 7th for Nitnendo Switch.

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