New videos detailing insight into Endless Space 2 factions

As Endless Space 2 opens for Early Access on Steam Amplitude Studio's has rewarded us with two videos adding additional insight into what exactly we can expect from the game.

New videos detailing insight into Endless Space 2 factions
Things have been pretty busy for Amplitude Studios in recent days. They've added a new faction to one of their more recent games, and are in the midst of creating another one for their brand new game. Which  has just gone into Early Access on Steam today. And if that wasn't enough for us, we've also gotten two new videos that offer a closer look at what we can expect from Endless Space 2 when we sit down to play it.

There are two videos, each one focusing on a different faction. One for the Sophons (a fan favorite who starred in the first Endless Space) and one video for a new faction unique to this Endless Space, The Vodyanoi. Both of them feature much of the same dialogue and  themes, the visuals have just been tailored to fit the species staring in the video, you're far better off watching the official faction introduction trailers here and here. Both videos show the evolution of their respective species, opening with the chilling words the plan is in place. Dust is spreading, in every corner of the galaxy. 

Both videos go on to show a space battle between a Sophon and a Vodyanoi fleet, and of course, each video will show their own species winning and going on to tinker with the corpse of the losing side, bodies strapped to medical tables as the victors look on behind masked faces. The only segment of the film that appears identically in both videos is a vague outline of a face with four eyes, and the chilling words those who stand against us shall all be reminded who their true gods are. And the best part, the part I'm willing to bet some of you missed is how the logo changed at the end. What we've seen so far for Endless Space 2 is the logo your vision, their future. Pretty standard for a 4x game, but now it's flipped. It's their vision and your future. Spooky stuff. Now let me tell you why it all matters.

In the lore that has been established by Amplitude Studios, there was one precursor race. Aptly named, the Endless. They were the first species to travel the stars, they unlocked the secrets of mysteries the other races couldn't even being to comprehend. While they mastered the vast reaches of space, they soon fell prey to the same thing that every nation inevitably succumbs to. Internal strife tore them apart, and eventually they vanished with only scattered fragments left to betray the fact that they existed. The Endless achieved godhood with n  a creation called Dust, effectively rendering their race, well, endless. Why be afraid of death when a body can automatically be regenerated? The Endless became a race of bodiless minds, or at least the factions that embraced Dust. Their society was already fragmenting and drifting apart when Dust arrived, I'm sure you can imagine what happened once the Endless truly conquered death with the creation of Virtualization.

War broke out eventually between the "Virtuals" and the "Concretes", pro-virtualization and anti-virtualization factions and both of them used a weaponized Dust against the other. The Virtuals created the Cravers out of Dust in order to hunt down and kill Concretes. Their society spread out on factional lines, stretched even further as planets full of Concretes were bombed into nothingness and computers full of Virtuals were wiped clean until the civilization built by the Endless ended, not with a bang but with a whimper.

But that's not to say individual Endless didn't survive. In fact, we know Endless survived the war. The Haunts minor faction from Endless Legend were confirmed Endless, and the two trailers seem to suggest that Endless survived, and now they're coming back to heavily influence the futures of the other races.

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