New video gives glimpse into Dawn of War 3 Cinematic

I like Warhammer, I like Dawn of War. I've been following Dawn of War 3 with some mild interest and concern over the months and at this point I can't say if I'm going to buy it or not, but little videos like the one released just a few hours ago certainly don't hurt Relic's chances of selling me the next installment in a series that's become iconic among the Warhammer fanbase.

New video gives glimpse into Dawn of War 3 Cinematic
Proudly showing off all new in-game cinematics, this short six-minute video (can be seen below) gives us a little look into what we can hopefully expect Dawn of War 3 to look like alongside a quick overview of our main characters. Relic Entertainment has gotten Axis Animation (responsible for the release trailer a few months ago) to create the cinematics you see in this aptly named Fog of War #2 video and while they certainly capture something of the whole 'Grim-Dark' vibe that Warhammer fans have come to know and love there are some concerns that this isn't going to be carried over into the actual game, if the snippets of gameplay video we're seeing between admittedly beautiful still images is any indicator of what the final product will look like. There's already no cover system, morale or sync-kills and that was a big put off for some of the fans who wanted a more Dawn of War 2 experience.

There was some mention of factions, but it was very little at that. We're going to be seeing the return of favorites like Gabriel Angelos of the Blood Ravens and Farseer Macha, but nothing was given that we didn't already know. It was a very short, generic sort of overview that left me wanting more but I will happily wait for a video detailing these things in depth.

Dawn of War III — 45 Minutes of Eldar GAMEPLAY in Mission 6! (No Commentary)
target="_blank">gameplay video shows that some of this are lacking as of now. But Dawn of War 3 has a release date sometime in 2017 there's still plenty of time for surprise change, be it good or bad. 

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